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In 2002, St. John's celebrated 150 years of God's Blessings. What a wonder it is that our God would bless us even one day, but to have 150 years to celebrate is awe-inspiring. For 150 years, God has opened His arms to our children, and brought them close to his heart through Baptism. For 150 years, God has opened His word to us, so that we might learn of His love. For 150 years, God has nourished our spiritual well being through His Son's body and blood at the Lord's Table. For 150 years, God has stood beside brides and grooms as they pledged their hearts, and has joined His hand with theirs in marriage. For 150 years, God has called His children home through Christian burial.

All of these blessings are as rich today as they were 150 years ago when the founding fathers started our church. Each time we gather we celebrate something very new, and yet very ancient. May God continue to bless us in the years to come. May we daily acknowledge His blessings. May we celebrate with all the saints our rich heritage of blessings from the Father's hand.

In nomine Christi

Pastor Brown